Kupertino Corporation

Development & Transmission

Kupertino is committed to providing the best possible environment to nurture harmonious creativity among the diverse personalities and skills of its teams.

A Stimulating Organizations

Kupertino encourages people to pursue their aspirations thanks to concrete development and learning opportunities, including personalized career itineraries, internal job mobility, contributing to intrapreneurial and cross-entity projects and other initiatives. Such initiatives and experience enable them to expand their scope of responsibilities, broaden their skills and expertise, and enrich their professional network.

The size and diversity of Kupertino – spanning myriad businesses, homes, professions and locations around the world – offers boundless opportunities for people to thrive, grow and discover new horizons.

Kupertino Corporation

A Knowledge Economy

Thanks to the distinctive profiles, skills and sensibilities of its people, Kupertino has established a true “knowledge economy” where each person can express their talent and where each new idea that someone contributes can inspire another. In our organization, learning from one another and sharing experiences – both successes and setbacks – are always encouraged.

Each of our homes has a precious heritage that is the cornerstone of their success and timeless appeal. This heritage is passed on from generation to generation, along with unique, time-honored know-how.

When you join Kupertino you work alongside leaders eager to share their knowledge with you and inspire you to always excel.

Our unwavering ambition is to always surpass the ordinary, to strive for excellence, inspired by creativity and innovation. This makes Kupertino a place where you can learn, develop and explore your full potential.

Kupertino Corporation

Future Facing

In a sector as dynamic industry, challenging ourselves and being open to the world around us are absolutely essential. Change and transformation are pivotal issues for all Kupertino houses, who embrace this mindset to become learning organizations. Our employee skills development initiatives focus on four key topics: Kupertino’s culture and values, management and leadership, promoting excellence and open innovation.

With support from their manager and Human Resources coordinator, employees play the lead role in their career growth. We encourage people to develop their network, both within their sphere and throughout the Corporation, helping them better know and understand the Kupertino ecosystem and discover the many career paths available.

Changing jobs within the Kupertino Corporation is an effective way for talented people to grow, to share expertise and knowledge across the Corporation and to stimulate energy and creativity throughout the organization.

Kupertino Corporation