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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion have the ability to transform our culture, drive business results and advance our company’s mission to save and improve lives around the world. When people feel valued and empowered, they are able to innovate and make amazing things happen.

We are committed to providing an inclusive work environment that empowers all our employees without exception.

We are committed to providing an inclusive work environment where all our employees can contribute to their own and to Kupertino success. We value the diversity of our teams and understand that, above all else, our people are our greatest asset.

At Kupertino we strongly believe in the power of people. We foster inclusive work environments that empower our coworkers to thrive and succeed regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, and disability, among other characteristics. At Kupertino, we stand against racism!

Our global Diversity & Inclusion Policy applies to all entities of Kupertino and is fully supported by the top management. The Company understands that building and promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace environment will contribute towards the achievement of our corporate and business objectives.

Kupertino Corporation

Every day: bring your whole self to work!

We are committed to supporting gender equality through initiatives promoting awareness and encouraging work-life balance. Also, we favour pregnancy-friendly and breastfeeding-friendly policies, promote workplace health and safety, support leaves of absence for those with specific caring obligations, and provide financial aid in particular sensitive situations.

The principles of inclusiveness and equality of opportunity are embedded throughout our employment policies, including our practices on recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, promotions, transfers, professional development and training, and all other terms and conditions of employment.

Kupertino Corporation
Our employees are further protected and supported by our commitment to labour rights and our collaboration with the a number of UN organizations that deal with these issues and its worker representatives.
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Fostering the Inclusion

We strive to create a work environment in which everyone feels accepted and has the freedom to voice their ideas and be heard. If individuals are not satisfied with any aspect of their employment, we have different channels for them to raise issues so that they can be addressed. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Kupertino has specific systems in place so that in the event of alleged discrimination, an internal investigation is promptly conducted and appropriate action is taken.

Kupertino Corporation

Supplier Diversity Program

We create economic opportunities for underrepresented communities by procuring products and services from small, minority-, women-, veteran-, veteran disabled-, service disabled, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)-, disability-owned business enterprises.

To successfully manage our program, we have implemented other tools and programs to help build a world-class program and work to ensure the growth, sustainability and increased competitiveness of our diverse suppliers. These include sustainability planning, mentoring, SPO, and scholarships and other external educational opportunities for suppliers.

It is our policy to provide maximum practical opportunity to diverse suppliers to provide goods and services to the company as part of our corporate procurement process. The use of diverse suppliers is an integral part of our purchasing procedures, just as equal opportunity employment is central to our personnel policies and procedures.

We recognize that supplier diversity creates a competitive advantage for our company and positively impacts the global community. We believe that the success of the company and society depends on enabling diverse businesses to share and grow in the global market.

Kupertino Corporation

Fostering a diverse culture to create a better future

Be yourself, we build a better tomorrow!

At Kupertino, we believe that innovation and growth are driven by an inclusive culture and a diverse workforce. We aim to create a global team where everyone belongs and has equal opportunities, inspiring our talent to be their true selves. Together, we are building a better tomorrow for our customers, partners and communities.

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