Kupertino Corporation

Environmental Sustainability

At Kupertino, our aim is to grow our business while reducing our impacts on the environment. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using resources efficiently, and encouraging biodiversity in the areas where we operate.

The Earth is Our Priority

We seek to lead on climate action. We focus on achieving our science-based targets for emissions reduction in our own operations and supply chain in ways that strengthen the performance and resilience of our business. We also advocate for and support initiatives to accelerate progress toward net zero by 2050 across the industry and society more broadly by drawing on our capabilities as an international retailer—our ability to engage many suppliers across many categories, our retail and supply chain expertise, our digital capabilities.

To efficiently respond to climate change, we analyze related risks and opportunity factors, and designed effective counter-strategies. This includes consideration of various scenarios to identify the impact of climate change on our business over time. Climate change risks and opportunities affect almost every aspect of our business from our products and services to manufacturing processes, supply chain and research and development.

Our action plan:

  • Reducing of the GHG emissions at worksites;
  • Expanding energy management at worksites;
  • Reducing GHG in product use phase;
  • Managing other GHG emissions;
  • Supporting suppliers;

Our Evaluation and Response Process:

  • Identify climate change phenomena and issues.
  • Analyze impacts, risks, and opportunity factors;
  • Establish response strategies;
  • Implement and monitor projects;
  • Analyze results and check with the target;
Kupertino Corporation

Circular Economy

We aim to break the link between consumption and waste as part of a movement toward a circular economy, meaning a transition from a “take-make-dispose” approach to one that values the reuse and regeneration of materials. We aspire to achieve zero waste in our operations, and we work with suppliers, customers and communities to accelerate the adoption of circular packaging and products.

Kupertino Corporation

We use advanced technology to improve energy efficiency

With its advanced product technologies, Kupertino is evolving as we seek to enable a more environmentally responsible and convenient way of life. To achieve this goal, Kupertino operates companywide eco-consulting group meetings twice a year. Through these meetings, Kupertino shares information about environmental requirements and the development of innovative technologies among environmental experts of business divisions, and researches energy-saving technologies to develop products with high energy efficiency. Thanks to similar technology to SPO, our company has fought throughout its history and will fight for a green approach to conducting our business.

Our sustainability efforts are guided by strong environmental principles!

Kupertino Corporation