Kupertino Corporation

An Exceptional Universe

Kupertino offers an exceptional universe where people can build unique careers and fully accomplish their goals.

Unlimited Opportunities

Kupertino is the only global group to offer such a vast and diversified array of professional opportunities. Our business model is anchored in meticulous control at every link in the value chain, from sourcing of raw materials to retail networks, offering a vast range of professions around the world. You can make sure of this yourself by visiting the page of our areas of activity.

Kupertino Corporation

Encouraging Risk-Taking and Pushing Boundarites

At Kupertino we never settle for the ordinary and continually explore new ideas. An entrepreneurial mindset is one of our core values and guides everything we do. This challenges us to constantly push limits in the quest for excellence that defines our world. When you join Kupertino you become part of a community of talents who forge remarkable teams. Collective strength is a tangible reality at Kupertino.

Kupertino Corporation

Making an Impact, Together!

Kupertino is home to homes with unique identities, some of whose heritage dates back centuries. They have flourished over the years because they are passionate about their jobs and the exceptional quality products and services they provide for their customers. They also thrive thanks to continuous renewal and innovation that respect their roots, coupled with deep respect for the ecosystems in which they operate.

Kupertino is a committed group and proud that our business performance is inseparable from respect for the environment and for all stakeholders.

Our commitments center on four priorities: Transmission and know-how, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Art and Culture, and Social & Environmental Responsibility.

Kupertino Corporation