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Join a unique working environment inspired by the rich diversity of our spheres and their professions. From driver to digital analyst or sales manager to head of region, innovation and creativity are at the heart of our ecosystem.

Talent & Perspective

Recruiting new talented people brings us fresh perspectives. In our universe, people are central to the success of our spheres. We thus continually seek talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds whose skills and unique profiles are invaluable as we build the future of Kupertino.

Kupertino seeks exceptional people who are at the same time creative and pragmatic, people with an entrepreneurial mindset who are open to the world and have a strong affinity with high-quality products. Excellence in execution and a sharp focus on the customer are equally essential assets for positions at Kupertino.

Striving for excellence and looking to the future while respecting the DNA of our spheres will enable you to thrive and succeed in the demanding environment of the Kupertino Corporation. The talented people we recruit are able to engage with dual dimensions, combining a long-term vision to ensure the enduring appeal of our spheres, and the agility and swift responsiveness of entrepreneurs. Our people are at the same time strategic, entrepreneurial, bold and creative.

Kupertino Corporation

Helping Talent Thrive

Kupertino has established a Human Resources policy that enables people to express their personalities and skills. The Corporation encourages employees to pursue their aspirations thanks to concrete development and learning opportunities, including personalized career itineraries, contribution to interpreneurial projects and other initiatives.

Such initiatives and experience enable them to expand their scope of responsibilities, broaden their skills and expertise, and enrich their professional network.

Kupertino Corporation

A Knowledge Economy

Thanks to the distinctive profiles, skills and sensibilities of its people, Kupertino has established a true “knowledge economy” where each person can express their talent and where each new idea that someone contributes can inspire another. In our organization, learning from one another and sharing experiences – both successes and setbacks – are always encouraged.

Each of our spheres has a precious heritage that is the cornerstone of their success and timeless appeal. This heritage is passed on from generation to generation, along with unique, time-honored savoir-faire.

When you join Kupertino you work alongside leaders eager to share their knowledge with you and inspire you to always excel.

Our unwavering ambition is to always surpass the ordinary, to strive for excellence, inspired by creativity and innovation. This makes Kupertino a place where you can learn, develop and explore your full potential.

Kupertino Corporation

An Environment that Respects Differences

Diversity drives creativity and is one of our essential values. Kupertino has made strong commitments to nurturing a culture of inclusivity and respecting the individuality of each employee or candidate. We categorically prohibit any discrimination regarding recruiting, compensation, work hours and break times, vacation leave, eligibility for maternity leave, job security, assignment of positions, performance appraisal, training, career advancement and workplace health and safety.

As part of this inclusive culture, Kupertino has made gender equality a pillar of its Human Resources policy and accords special attention to developing the careers of women.

Kupertino Corporation

Immersion in the Kupertino Culture

Because our decentralized organization gives us considerable agility, each of our spheres retains a high degree of independence. Recruitment and induction are thus both led by the individual spheres.

As soon as you join, you are immersed in the culture, history and positioning of your spheres. This induction is key to ensure that new arrivals understand the strategy of the brand, its demands and the challenges it faces.

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