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You can contact us on various issues, however, to consider your appeal, its purpose must be directly related to the main office, senior management or management of your sphere. Otherwise, the case will be redirected or rejected. If your appeal is directly related to any of our spheres or a number of spheres, please find all the necessary contacts on the Kupertino Communication website

Kupertino Corporation

Official Request

If you need an official response of interest to state institutions or you yourself are the representative of the government.

Kupertino Corporation

Violation of Policy and Rights

Whether you are a victim or an eyewitness of a violation of our policy or the law of your country on our part, you can report it here.

Kupertino Corporation

Anonymous Appeal

Anonymous requests are processed separately and will be considered only in cases where this affects our policy or has sufficient supporting facts.

Kupertino Corporation

Contact Us

Here you can contact us on any other questions, the answer is usually given in a shorter time. The form is also used for emergency calls.

Kupertino Corporation

Global Partnership

If you are a company that is ready to offer us global cooperation for at least for 75% of our areas and consider it possible to consider your appeal at the highest level, contact us.

Kupertino Corporation

Kupertino Communiction

On all issues related to the work of our areas, and relations with them from the first to the last level.

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