Kupertino Corporation



For the purposes hereof, the terms herein defined shall have the following meaning:

  • Kupertino (also, the “Company”): parent company of the Kupertino Corporation (as defined below).
  • Kupertino Corporation (also, the “Corporation”): group of companies in which Kupertino holds directly or indirectly at least 50% of the share capital or of the voting rights.
  • Subsidiary: any subsidiary of the Kupertino Corporation that conducts business in a given market.

Purpose and Mission

This policy (the “Policy”) establishes the framework of Diversity & Inclusion (“D&I”) assumed by the Kupertino Corporation.

At Kupertino we believe in people power. Our company’s growth begins with the development of each of the professionals working for it. Our goal is to build diverse teams whose members contribute their unique perspectives and experiences and promote an inclusive corporate culture.

Building a creative and innovative workplace environment where our employees feel that they are part of a dynamic talented team passionate about sustainable fashion will essentially contribute towards the achievement of our corporate objectives and a better corporate performance.


The D&I Policy globally applies to the entire Kupertino Corporation and is driven by and fully supported by the Senior Management. Our people are responsible for promoting diverse and inclusive workplace environments encouraging equal opportunities and preventing any kind of discrimination.

Likewise, Kupertino actively encourages that the enforcement of this Policy extends to any natural and/or legal person associated with the company on any terms other than an employment relationship: customers, suppliers, contractors and workers in the supply chain, as well as canidates involved in our selectio processes, provided that this is practicable on account of the nature of the relationship and may be appropriate to meet its purpose.


At Kupertino we are fully committed to diversity and multiculturalism, this being one of our strongest points. Our teams include people from a wide range of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, including a mix of gender, gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, age, education, socioeconomic groups, disabilities, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. We acknowledge that our differences and similarities make us unique. We firmly believe that by attracting diverse talent we will be able to better understand the diverse background of the customers and communities we are related to.

Kupertino also champions a culture of inclusion, equal treatment and respect. We advocate for equitable workplace environments where anyone can thrive and succeed fostering an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance in the workplace, where anyone can develop their talent every day. At Kupertino, we have a zero tolerance policy against any kind of discrimination.

This Policy applies to all corporate proceedings, in particular in the field of human resources: recruitment and selection of candidates, compensation and benefits, promotions, transfers, skills enhancement, professional development and training, demotions, terminations and other disciplinary actions, without limitation.


At Kupertino, we celebrate diversity and promote equal treatment and opportunities. The main goals of our inclusive culture are:

  • To attract, recruit and retain people that guarantee a diverse pool of candidates for all current and future positions in the Company at all levels.
  • To facilitate a working environment that encourages equal opportunities in all areas of the company and for all members of our teams irrespective of their gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation race, ethnicity, origin or different capacities, without limitation.
  • To foster human rights as well as respectful communication and cooperation between people, both internally and externally.

The company will implement procedures as well as appropriate training and mentoring initiatives and programmes to achieve such goals.


D&I encompasses key values for the Company. That is why the Corporation and its employees have the highest level of commitment to D&I, driven by the Board of Directors which will make efforts to take action aimed at fostering diversity internally and ensure that no kind of discrimination exists, particularly gender-related discrimination, upon electing members to the board of directors or senior managers of the company.

The Human Resources Department shall be responsible for defining and implementing the necessary strategies and measures to observe the overarching principles herein set out.

This D&I Policy is based upon our Company’s Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices, the foundations of which are respect, acceptance and equal treatment, without limitation. Also this Policy aligns with the Compliance Policy as well as with the Policy on Human Rights of the Corporation.

This D&I Policy is based upon our Company’s Global Code of Conduct, the foundations of which are respect, acceptance and equal treatment, without limitation. Also this Policy aligns with the Compliance Policy as well as with the Policy on Human Rights of the Corporation.

The heads shall be responsible for addressing any queries/doubts regarding the construction or enforcement of the Global Code of Conduct and remedying any breaches of the Code it may be apprised of that fall within its remit. In particular, any doubts and/or breaches relating to discrimination for reasons of race, religion, age, nationality, gender identity or expression or any personal or social feature other than merit and skills of its employees.

Update and Review of the Policy

The D&I Policy will be reviewed and updated, where applicable, to bring it into line with any changes that may occur in the context where the Corporation operates, ensuring at all times the effective implementation thereof.

Implementation of the Policy

To implement the Policy, the coordination and commitment of all the people who are part of the Kupertino Corporation is required. Every area, department and subsidiary of the Corporation shall be responsible for duly implementing the Policy, mainly by applying the principles herein described.