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Kupertino CIS - Completely ceases all activities. The Kupertino CIS headquarters in Belarus, Minsk, is now entirely closed. This is due to complex of illegal decisions, who Belarusian authorities apply after 2020 yo. Due to Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine and supporting that by Belarusian authorities. We stand strong against such governmental decisions.

We are making every effort to restore our presence in the CIS countries and are currently developing an alternative plan. We sincerely apologize to our employees, partners, customers & all those whom it may concern.

Kupertino - Who is this?

By working closely together as a single company globally focused on the key elements of our production –design, manufacture, distribution and retail– with three pillars -flexibility, digital integration and sustainability- we brought our customers closer than ever to the products they wanted at affordable prices.

Our workforce never loses sight of the customer. We work to create value beyond profit, putting people and the environment at the centre of our decision-making, and always striving to do and be better.

The Kupertino Corporation has always been strongly committed to exemplary integrity and ethics in the conduct of its business and in its relations with all stakeholders. Rules of conduct, principles and guidelines governing ethics and environmental and social responsibility have been defined to establish the behavior required of the Corporation’s executives and employees, as well as our suppliers and partners.

It's true, not just words! Below you can find confirmation of all this by visiting the pages offered by us.

Kupertino Corporation Sounds Not Bad

The Kupertino Corproation comprises 18 exceptional spheres that create high quality products. It is the only corporation present in all vital areas. The corporation creates all the conditions for its employees, partners and customers, thanks to the impeccable technological infrastructure and working conditions.

I Want to Live But Not Exist!

From day one you'll work on a team and have your own voice. You’ll develop your skills and be given responsibilities. You’ll have all the tools at your fingertips to make a difference.

There are different paths you can take as you professionally develop with us, and without a doubt, a good start for all of them is the Kupertino. Perhaps this is the beginning of your new chapter - a new life. Shall we begin?

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